We all want better life and work to create it.
Let us create better life for others.


Monday, 24 September, 2007

He keeps records of every rupee earned and spent by him

He is Mr. Padmanabhan Iyer, a retired engineer and is doing it for last 28 years. Now after 28.16 years, he knows that he earned Rs. 2.29 crore and spent Rs. 1.56 crore. Every time he or his wife, Padma Iyer, buy something or oblize a begger it is entered in a diary under separate heads. 'He is the meticulous type and not a miser', says proudly his wife. His notebooks are a visible proof of changing times, both in technology and price. From writing in a notebook he switched over to a Excel sheet on his computer.

He is a role model for the people in his own way. He hides nothing. His life is an open book. He pays all his taxes in time.

Sunday, 23 September, 2007

They silently work to create betterlife for others

It is a popular perception that Gen-Y are only interested in tank tops, camera phones and an expensive evening at PVR. In reality the youth on Delhi University campus also feels an urge to serve the community. Teaching the underprivileged kids in the neighborhood, taking holistic care for cancer and HIV-AIDS patients to generating consciousness about global warming are some of their activities where they spend at least 15-20 hours a week.

A student says that even if I am successful in educating two kids the purpose of my life will be served. Another student collects posters pasted on university walls and hand them over to a factory where differently-abled kids recycle them. If you search for such young boys and girls, you will come across many.

Let me also share with you the silent work being done by one of my client. An employee in his factory has two daughters. Mr. Bhalla has persuaded him to send them to school. He, on his part, has promised to foot the entire bill for education of one daughter. Another employee has fixed the marriage of his daughter. Mr. Bhalla has told him that entire expenses of reception of barat and food will be met by him.

Such things strengthens your belief in the goodness of human beings.

Saturday, 15 September, 2007

Negative attitude in governance and betterlife

From my daughter's blog"

"Why government has a negative attitude towards every issue of governance? Have you ever thought about it? Whether it is the issue of reservation in general, or specific to instututes of higher learning, Govt has taken an biassed approach keeping vote banks in mind. When we talk of uniform distribution of national resources, Govt comes out with a statement that people belonging to minority have first right to resources. Govt has gone in to nuclear deal without creating a national consensus on the issue. Even left parties under whose protection this Govt is working are not seeing eye to sye with the Govt. Govt policies create more disharmony on social issues then unity amongst various communities.

I don't know what to say but every issue I think of, I find the attitude of Govt is negative. Govt is in constant conflict with the judiciary and the common people. It is using police and CBI to force itself on the people.

This scenario is not good for democratic institutions."

My views:

With such negative attitude, how a Govt can provide betterlife to the people?

Saturday, 8 September, 2007

Policemen have forgetten that they are for protection of people

Human beings are the best creation of God. In Indian mythology, human beings are seen as image of God. It makes me sick when I see that many humans are living a life worst than animals. No body cares for them.

The institution of police was created to protect people especially those who are prone to exploitation. But policemen have forgotten it and exploit the same poor people. Newspapers are always full of news of policemen torturing and even killing these people and raping their women. Yesterday there was a news about two policemen visiting a house where they tortured a girl child to pressurize her mother for giving whereabouts of her husband. They left when the child became motionless. Doctors have declared that the child will not be able speak now. The chief of police does not find anything wrong in this. He blames the woman.

I suggest, why not reward such policemen with Bharat Ratna.

Tuesday, 4 September, 2007

Janamashtami - Lord Krishna's Birthday

Sri Krishna, the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the most popular avatar and is regarded as purna avataar(complete incarnation). All other deities are regarded as his manifestation. His story and his exploits(leela) are numerous and very well known. To the Hindu, he is the supreme statesman, warrior, hero, philosopher, teacher and God himself. He is the great exponent of Bhagavadgita, the "song celestial".


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