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Saturday, 15 September, 2007

Negative attitude in governance and betterlife

From my daughter's blog"

"Why government has a negative attitude towards every issue of governance? Have you ever thought about it? Whether it is the issue of reservation in general, or specific to instututes of higher learning, Govt has taken an biassed approach keeping vote banks in mind. When we talk of uniform distribution of national resources, Govt comes out with a statement that people belonging to minority have first right to resources. Govt has gone in to nuclear deal without creating a national consensus on the issue. Even left parties under whose protection this Govt is working are not seeing eye to sye with the Govt. Govt policies create more disharmony on social issues then unity amongst various communities.

I don't know what to say but every issue I think of, I find the attitude of Govt is negative. Govt is in constant conflict with the judiciary and the common people. It is using police and CBI to force itself on the people.

This scenario is not good for democratic institutions."

My views:

With such negative attitude, how a Govt can provide betterlife to the people?


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