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Sunday, 21 October, 2007

Are we in our senses when we talk of betterlife?

People live in a society. They have to move out of their house to go to office or on business, to meet their relatives & friends, to take part in social functions, in short to do this and that. For this they depend on the transport system. Some have their own transports. Some depend on public transport. It is natural for the people to expect a reliable, comfortable and safe public transport system. It is a part of their betterlife. But do they get it?

The answer is a very big NO. Delhi does not have a reliable, comfortable and safe public transport system. Blue line buses granted license by Delhi Govt provide a transport system totally opposite to what people need. It is not reliable, it is not comfortable, it is not safe. Rather these buses are licensed monsters killing innocent people when they run on roads. In this year 2007, 98 people have so far been killed by these monsters. With no human feelings in bus owners, bus drivers, transport minister and chief minister of Delhi, it will kill more people till this year ends. Next person to be killed may be me, you or anyone (exempted are politicians).

See some of the headlines:
Blueline mayhem continues: two more killed
Blueline bus strikes again, kills cyclist
Delhi HC anguished over Blueline bus accident
Blueline bus kills 5 in Sarita Vihar
Blueline buses: Licensed to kill, as Delhi CM hems and haws

Delhi CM is still there. Her transport minister is still there. Bus owners and drivers are still there. But unfortunate loved ones of many families are not there. No body is bothered about their loss. PM Manmohan is not loosing his sleep. He and Sonia Gandhi are expressing concern with Bhutto in Pakistan on the loss of lives in the blast.

This Govt is not capable to give betterlife to people. Let us stop wasting time on these unworthy humans. People should get together and create betterlife for each other. May God protect the common citizens of Delhi.



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