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Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

Noise pollution

I am a morning walker. Every morning at 5.00 AM I go to a nearby district park for my morning walk. For last few days, I find the above DG set running with its enclosure open from three sides. As per the board seen in the photo, deep sewer work is going on a contract given by the government. It creates loud noise and disturbs the peaceful harmony of the morning.

As per Noise Pollution law, DG sets are to be housed in an acoustic enclosure.But here the enclosure is kept open by three sides to create noise pollution.


mahendra mishra said...

very regreted very serious metar. pl.inform to police station for taking action as per rules.

Share market English said...

i am totally agreed with u this is very serious thing and inform to any responsible person

महामंत्री (तस्लीम ) said...

आपने एक गम्भीर मुददे पर कलम चलाई है। मैं आपका पूर्ण रूपेण समर्थन करता हूं।
आशा है ब्लॉक जगत में आपकी उपस्थिति लगातार बनी रहेगी।

Pragya said...

aasha hai aapka prayas sarthak hoga... police me report karane par agar koi karyawahi hoti hai to ummeed se upar hai...
shayad hum logon ko aise jeene ki aadat pad gayee hai... koi aage nahi aane chahta.. aapne achha kadam uthaya hai...
badhai ho sir..

makrand said...

i will also learn to see

satyendra... said...

basically this is the matter of corruption. Cotractors try to save expenditure & uses expired machines.

Anonymous said...

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Azi Sahzi said...

The problem of Noise Pollution is increasing day by day with the ever pacing economy of India. It is very sad to know about this problem. I think a letter of emergency must be sent to the Officials about the problem because its a government work and any personal action can be thought as legal action.


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