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Monday, 13 August, 2007

Good things, bad things

Our life is full of activity. There is no time when something or other is not happening in and around us. When good things happen to us we feel happy, but when bad things happen we feel sad. It is very simple to understand. It is very natural also.

We want only good things to happen to us. But it will always not happen just like that. We will have to work for it. We should look at life with a positive attitude. While saying or doing something we should think about the effect our words or actions will create on others. If the effect is going to be bad we should avoid saying or doing that thing. People ask me what good it will bring to us? I say, every action has a reaction. If we say or do good things to other people then other people will say or do good things to us. This is the theory of Karma. God Himself said this in Gita.

Sometimes it happens that inspite of our saying or doing good things to others they say or do only bad things to us. Here we should go to the theory of re-birth. The present behaviour of other person might be the reaction of our past actions, in this birth or previous births. Reaction to our present action will come in future and it will be only good.


Rakesh said...

Yes, life is full of things. Good or bad is how we see them.


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