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Friday, 3 August, 2007

He went to school for a betterlife, teacher took away his life

Indra Sameer is a teacher, a lady teacher, a woman, but while taking an exam on July 26 she beat a student Arpit Kavadia following which he died. She was reportedly offended by Arpit's legs dangling outside his school desk and beat him mercilessly. Arpit's explanation that his legs are long and desk short, and he was not able to fold his legs did not satisfy this woman. She is now absconding. School authorities have terminated her services. Police have registered a case of murder against her. An unbearable loss for the Kavadia family in Udaipur.

Arpit's aunt want to know, ''Should a child be beaten so brutally just because his legs were dangling outside? Is it fair to inflict this kind of punishment on our child? What kind of a teacher is she?'' A student told, ''After the teacher had beaten him twice with the stick, Arpit asked her if she had punished him enough and whether he could sit down. This angered her even more and she started thrashing him even more strongly,''

Angry students of the Alok School where Arpit studied protested through the day demanding the teacher's arrest. They claim Arpit was a very well behaved student and he had done nothing for the teacher to lose her temper so violently.

Even if the law catches up with her and she pays the price for her brutality, the grief of loosing their teenaged son is likely to haunt Arpit's family throughout their lives.
Sometime back I saw on TV, a lady police constable, beating a man in police station because he was drunk and had misbehaved with a policeman.
What is happening to motherhood?


Sherry said...

Oh my goodness, that is terrible. I feel so bad for that little boy who was only trying to learn and had his life taken away. It must be terrible for his family.



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