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Sunday, 29 July, 2007

What is this deal we are talking about?

“That right (to ask for return of nuclear fuel and technology) has, of course, been preserved as it must under our law” – Nicholas Burns, US Under-Secretary.

India retains right to conduct N-tests” – Manmohan Singh, Indian PM.

With these opposite views, how can India and US claim that they have a deal?

Manmohan Singh further says, “We reserve the right to test, and US has the right to react”. If this ‘act’ and ‘react’ is still going to be there then what deal we are talking about?

A deal means, all differences have been clearly resolved. It will be a great disservice to Indian Nation if Govt. leaves such differences unresolved. These unresolved issues will, in all probability, create problems in future. In the hurry to claim credit, the Govt should not leave problems for future Govts to handle and Indian people to face.



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