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Monday, 16 July, 2007

PM Manmohan Singh could not sleep

Should I say that India and Indians are very fortunate in having Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister of India, who could not sleep after seeing on TV the crying mother of Bangalore doctor arrested for terrorist attack in UK? Feeling the pain of others is a positive human trait, and for this PM should be complemented.

But it makes me sad when I find that this positive trait is selective. TV screen is full of crying mothers whose children have been killed by terrorists, by police, by blue line buses, negligence of government employees, man-made and natural disasters. This discriminatory attitude on the part of India’s PM makes this attitude negative. And here I feel that may be India and Indians are not fortunate in having Manmohan Singh as PM, who feels pained by the pain of one mother and is totally unmoved by the pain of other mothers.

The reason I know and also everybody else. But should vote-bank politics be played in human relations also?


keshov chandra said...

This will not be in favour of Indian who has recongnition as of humanity & love. So no, vote-bank politics be played in human relations.
yours comments shows to reality hence i pray to god, u may treat everybody for India & hospitality.


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