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Sunday, 15 July, 2007

How do you celebrate your birthday?

People celebrate their birthdays in different manners according to their beliefs, customs, importance of the occasion and their social standing.

July 10 was my birthday. First thing in the morning, all my family members wished me a very happy birthday. Then I received birthday wishes from my friends and relatives in and outside Delhi. After taking bath, I prayed like every other day, but today I offered especially prepared Prasadam to God. In the day, special items were prepared. In the evening I lighted candles in our home temple. Then I cut the cake. We do not blow off candles. It is against our culture. We took photographs. We made a video. Cake was given to all. My wife does not eat cake, so another sweet was given to her.

Then came the birthday gifts. It was something special:

- Multimedia keyboard from my wife,

- Wireless latest model mouse from my younger son’s wife,

- 1GB RAM from my younger son,

- NOKIA mobile 5200 from my elder son and his wife,

- A very colorful greeting card made by my elder grand daughter (five years old),

- A sweet piece of cake by my younger grand daughter (14 months old),

I was in need of all above. They guessed it and gifted to me.

Last year I got a gift, LG Laptop. On my wedding anniversary I got 1GB pen drive.

I feel so happy and grateful to God.

How do you celebrate your birthday, and how do you feel about the gifts you get?


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