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Saturday, 16 June, 2007

Elders need support, not sympathy

Crimes against elderly are on the rise. Today, 5% percent of Delhi population consists of senior citizens. Ask anyone of them and chances are that they will tell you that having been left at the mercy of their children, neighbours and society, they are struggling hard to get through the last years of their life. Many NGOs working for the betterment of elderly in the city say that it is time the senior citizens took matters in their own hand.

Friday was celebrated as the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. However, NGOs say that immense efforts made by them are yielding no results as cases of abuse against senior citizens are not showing any decline. Delhi LG said on this occasion that senior citizens should make an effort to reach out to each other and not be dependent on their family. Besides, if their children are harassing them, then they should not shy away from turning them out as well.


Anjana Gupta said...

You are right, elders need support. Showing sympathy is not going to help them. People should plan for their old age when they are young. One should not live in the world of false hopes.


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