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Saturday, 9 June, 2007

A visit to passport office

Today I visited District Passport Center, Pitam Pura in Delhi. My son wanted to submit an application for renewal of his passport. We had earlier visted the website, read all instructions carefully and had taken all required documents and fee with us. This office has been started as lot of time was being wasred due to unmanageable rush at regional passport office in RK Puram. In this respect this new office is sure a relief.

On reaching there, we found certain differences in information given on website and what was informed to us by people manning the counters. We were told that application will be received from applicant only whereas website said an authorized agent can also deposit the application. Because of this my son could not deposit the application of his wife.

Another difference was, website said that fee can be deposited in cash or draft, but here we were told that only draft will be accepted. Now it was a major problem as going to a bank and get a draft made and come back before close of the counters was out of question. Another day will be consumed. But a pleasant surprise was waiting for us. An executive fron UTI Bank was sitting there and making drafts. We got the draft by the time we completed filling the form.

While planning this office, it was perhaps not anticipated that a large number of people will be visiting. There is very little space in front of counters. With few people only it was full and by 10 AM it was so much overcrowded that it was very very difficult to move around. Another negative thing is that there was no body at two counters. One counter for receiving applications was started only ay 0930 AM. Other counter, giving back original documents after verification, was started even after that. I was surprised to see that both ladies were present in the office but due to reasons unknown to us were not starting work at right time.

I have mixed feelings about my visit to this office. It will be nice if above issues are addressed. Overall a good step.



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