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Thursday, 28 June, 2007

President talks to spirits

If Pratibha Patil is elected as President of India then India will have a President against whom very allegations have been made and who talks to spirits. I don't understand why UPA under congress can not find any other person for this post.

The outgoing President is a missile technologist and the incoming is a person who talks to dead men. From a largest democracy India is suddenly going to become a country headed by a person talking to spirits.


Vaishali said...

A very unfortunate situation has been created and the entire blame goes to Sonia Gandhi who wants to force a loyalist on the country as its president. She already has a loyal PM. Now she wants a loyal president also.

Rakesh said...

A dark superstitous chapter is being added to history of India's highest office. A very sad and unfortunate thing indeed.


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