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Saturday, 9 June, 2007

I paid property tax on line

Every year, for many years, I have been filling up lengthy forms for depositing property tax. for my residential flat. You fill up the form, prepare cheque or arrange exact cash amount. The trcky part was how to assess and calculate tax. After that go to MCD office and stand in queue for hours.You are lucky if MCD clerk does not find fault in your form or else you lost another leave. It was always a nightmare for me.

This year MCD has put it up on their website. I logged in, filled in details about my name, address, age, father's name, floor and few other details. I clicked and all calculatiuons were done and a challan was generated for depositing tax in UTI Bank. it was so easy that I still don't believe that I have completed all formalities in less than 10 minutes.

Those who do not have computer and internet connection at their home, are visiting internet cafe and paying a cetain amount ( some are charging Rs. 20) to get things done.

MCD is saving all the information furnished and a data base of properties is being created without any typing effort on their part.

Certainly a step towards betterlife.



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