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Saturday, 16 June, 2007

It is bad for Indian democracy

One person (that too not Indian by birth) deciding the President of the largest democracy is not good for democracy. Throughout this drama of hoisting Sonia Gandhi's personal choice as President, the only consideration has been the loyalty to her and her family. Earlier a person, rejected by people in last LS polls, was being forced. Now suddenly a woman has emerged as the favourite loyalist. The competition has not been on the merits but on the degree of loyalty.

I am not against a woman becoming President of India. I welcome it, My opposition is on two counts. One, a woman will be installed as President and it will be projected as a great step, But what about remaining women of India who continue to be treated as second grade citizens. Few years back, a dalit was made President and it was talked as a great thing but the dalits of India still live a lowly life. Second, Mrs. patil is being projected as a loyalist to Sonia. I would have welcomed it if she contested the election on her merits and not on the loyalty factor.

Sonia is already having a personal Prime Minister. Now she will have a personal President. It is bad, very bad for Indian democracy. May God save my country.



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