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Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Primary health care and empowerment of women

Primary health care and empowerment of women are very essential if we want to provide a betterlife to all the citizens. This is like building a strong base for a building to face all weathers in future. A healthy baby will become a healthy adult, a productive citizen who will contribute to the well-being of the people and society. To give birth and to gift such a citizen to the society, it is incumbant upon the society to ensure that the women is empowered.

Following is the link to a very well written article on this subject.

Primary health care and empowerment of women


Anjana Gupta said...

Primary health care is very essential , and one sure way to ensure this is empowerment of women. You deserve thanks for raising this issue for discusion in this blog, 'Betterlife For All'.

Vaishali said...

A society where mother is not empowered will be unable to sustain its growth.

Rakesh said...

What is the use of building speciality hospitals if we can't even provide proper primary health care to our children and would-be-mothers? All progress becomes naught if our children and mothers die because of mal-nutrition and health care.


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