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Saturday, 16 June, 2007

Striking work is denying betterlife to others

13000 IA staff goes on strike. 32900 passengers are hit. 62 flights are cancelled.

High Court says strike is illegal. Chief Labour Commissioner says strike is illegal. Aviation minister says strike is illegal. Union secretary, by inference, accepts that strike is illegal. He says, we will continue strike even if it is contempt of court.

SC has said that there is no fundamental or legal right to strike.
Fundamental right to free speech and expression guaranteed by Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution could not be interpreted as providing a license to employees to paralyze a service or industry in pursuit of their personal demands.
No statutory provision could be said to empower employees to go on strike. On the contrary, if the law bans or places severe restrictions on strikes, industrial or otherwise, it will be binding on employees.
There is no moral or equitable justification to go on strike. Whatever their grievances, employees are obliged to take recourse to the machinery provided to redress them. Strike as a weapon is mostly misused and results in chaos and maladministration.

Employers should take strict disciplinary action against striking employees. They are obliged to do it. It is their employees who are illegally and forcibly denying right to betterlife to others.



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